Nina Blessing

Power – Dignity – Self Worth

It is my wish that everyone is able to live their full potential no matter the circumstances. Crisis can force us to learn lessons that are not easy but very valuable when it comes to our own personal growth. We can turn our misfortunes around by unraveling our patterns  and learn from our mistakes.

Einstein said: “You can not solve a problem with the same conscious that created it.” By creating new awareness, new consciousness, you empower yourself to handle the situation in a different way than ever before and therefore create solutions you didn’t think were possible. This is how you unleash your talents and true power. This is how you are able to live the life you always wanted.

Curriculum vitae

After receiving my bachelors degree in Pharmacology and Masters degree in Medicine, I have worked with great pleasure in the Cardio Thoracic surgery department of the UMCU in the Netherlands (University Medical Center Utrecht). Even though I loved the dynamics of the hospital, the surgeries and the patients, I was missing something important. Besides from the surgeries, the antibiotics the serious medical treatments that were given to the patients, I missed a more holistic approach.

I noticed people were not getting better because they had bigger problems to solve as soon as they would get out of the hospital. I saw people getting complications because of stress, pressure or simply the lack to have something worthwhile to live for.  The psychological state of these people deeply affected their healing. And I knew I was on to something important.

To figure this out, I stepped out of the hospital and into occupational health. A very developed specialism in the Netherlands, where topics such as stress, burn-out prevention and state of mind are much more appreciated. In my patient hours I mostly used my time to guide people in what steps they could take themselves in order to get better.

The Holistic Approach

In order to combine the western and the eastern way of healing I dove further into my own healing.  I tremendously enjoyed the 2,5 year meditation teacher of the Nederlof Institute in Amsterdam.  The breathing techniques, the mindfulness but also the active meditations truly transformed my mental health. I continued and got into the intensive intuitive psychotherapy training at the Power of Light Institute in The Hague and Athens (Associated with the Diamond Logos Institute). This training taught me about developmental psychology, behavior patterns, survival strategies and especially the wisdom of the body and how to break free from ego conditioning. Most of all I got to put the theory into practice as I healed my own patterns and deep conditioning from the inside out.

And now I get to combine my knowledge, experience and embodiment and pass it on to you.

– You can not solve problems with the same level of consciousness that created them. – 

– Albert Einstein –

Since 2016 I have had a successful practice where I guide professionals into a more empowered and authentic life. I hold ‘patient’ hours at large consultancies where employees may sign up for Burn-out prevention sessions and performance coaching. (think of me as Wendy Rhoades in Billions)

I host workshops about stress reduction, inner leadership and the psychology of negotiation at your office and at business events. In my private practice I guide people from burn out and trauma back into a healthy and empowered life.