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Are you ready to change your life? Do you want to be heard and have your needs met? Do you want to have healthy boundaries without being disconnected from the world? Do you want to love yourself to a level that you thought was’t even possible? And have the world reflect this love back to you?

If the answer is yes, then this program is just the ticket. Join us for a wonderful empowering and life changing journey. Join us in the inner leadership program for women.

Do you want to have healthy boundaries?
Do you want to be heard and seen?
Do you want to have loving relationships?
Do you want to feel safe?
Do you want to feel energized and alive?
Do you want to end the self doubt?
Do you want to shine shamelessly and bring your talents into the world?

“The world will be saved by the Western Woman”

The Dalai Lama

You are invited to heal your wounds, become free from your belief systems, to release the patterns that are holding you back. You are invited to become the powerful woman that you know deep down you are. Let’s reconnect to the gifts that you are hiding inside you, and let them come out.

It is time to bring your healing into this world. It’s time to start living your full potential.

This program is developed by Nina Blessing – woman – mother – medical doctor – intuitive therapist – speaker – meditation teacher. She is collaborating with other powerful medicine women who will contribute their gifts to enhance your healing.


Your journey will start in January 2020. We will meet each other for 7 days and three weekends where you will be guided to dive deeply in to your being. In order to reconnect mind, body and soul we will combine excercises, somatics, (active) meditation, bodywork, constellation work, psychology and much more in order to let go of your ego patterns and reach the essence of your being. There will be nurturing sound healings, and safe sharing to support your hard work of inner transformation.


In the first weekend we will explore your boundaries. You will learn to stand in your power, to be able to stand up to others and say no. You will get to know your true power as you release your self from conditioning that made you small. You will let go of pleasing behavior and learn to put your boundaries and needs first.


The second weekend is all about relationships. Relating to one another, connecting to our vul-nerability. Whether its your partner, your mother or your boss. How do we connect with our hearts open but without losing our power? You release your own drama around relationships and start to learn to connect from the heart. We work being authentic and real in our interactions. We will explore the way we try to please others and seek external validation for who we are. This weekend will help you change your own behavior patterns in relationships. When you release your own fears and stay out of action-reaction mode, you communication style  and relationships will change for the better.


In this third weekend we will connect to the goddess within. We will reconnect with our life source energy. We release the pain and fear in our womb and we will embrace sisterhood. We enjoy womanhood and enjoy the magic that comes with it. We tap into our intuition. Our inner knowing. We learn about maiden – mother – crone. We learn to open ourselves to guidance from our gut, our wisdom, our experience, the universe, source, and combine them. We will celebrate beauty. we will dance and celebrate life. We will allow joy and light to flood our system.

In between these weekends we have seven days where we cover the basics, do meditations, get soundhealings and will explore our past through the art of constellation work.

Constellation work otherwise known as systemic work is a way to heal trauma that is embedded in your bloodline or ancestry. It is scientifically proven that psychological trauma is passed on through generations. When we heal this trauma by assessing it through constellation work, we unburden ourselves from the guilt, shame and pain from the past.

Your Team

Gezond leven als hardwerkende vrouw

Nina Blessing

As an intuitive therapist, certified meditation teacher and medical doctor, Nina combines both eastern and western medicine as well as her personal experience in guiding professionals into empowerment en selflove.
>> More about me

Annemieke van der Mooren

Annemieke has been a professional constellation guide since 2013. With a good sense of humor as well as depth and refinement, she has helped hundreds of people solve their problems in life with the art of systemic work.
>> Website

Karin Karis

Karin has been guiding people in developing their personal power for over 20 years. As a personal coach, trainer and speaker she is an expert in embodied leadership.
>> Website


Phenomenal Woman

Now you understand
Just why my head’s not bowed.
I don’t shout or jump about
Or have to talk real loud.
When you see me passing,
It ought to make you proud.

I say,
It’s in the click of my heels,
The bend of my hair,
the palm of my hand,
The need for my care.
’Cause I’m a woman
Phenomenal woman,

That’s me.

– Maya Angelou –


you are tired of not living an authentic life.
you are called to step into your power.
you are longing to connect to the wisdom of your body.
you have tried other things but you crave a deeper healing.
you want to know how to heal yourself instead of being dependent on others to do so.
you are willing to look at your own patterns and conditioning.
you are willing to take in feedback and look at your pain.
you truly want to change your life and are ready to take the steps.

This program is no quick fix. This is a journey that requires commitment and courage.

Living a powerful life sounds great but it comes with a responsibility. You will only set your power free when you are ready to take ownership of your own drama and responsibility for your behavior. Having that said, once you decide to go on this journey, The magic of life awaits you. When you do the inner work, miracles happen and you will open yourself to receive the gifts of life. Not only will your talents come to flourish, you will be able to create a vibrant, peaceful and abundant life.

“When we are no longer afraid to have our emotions, our needs and our boundaries. Then we are truly powerful beings – as no one will define anymore who we are, but ourselves.”


There is room for at least six and a maximum of twelve courageous women in this program. Registration is final once your downpayment has been received. Registration is in order of receipt of payment.

Investment: € 3200,- incl. VAT

Pay all at once or in ten monthly instalments of € 320,-

Once you have signed up and paid, you will receive access to the facebookgroup and your first exercise.



Als hoogopgeleide vrouw in je kracht staan
Saturday 7th of March, 10.00 – 17.00
Saturday 18th of April, 10.00 – 17.00
Saturday 23rd May, Sweatlogde time to follow
Saturday 12th of september
Saturday 10th of October

Nude 2, 6702 DL Wageningen

Walk in: 9.30
Start: 10.00
End: ca 16.30

Coffee, tea, snacks and fruit included. Please bring your own lunch.


1st Weekend – Inner Power

Friday 31st January 19.30 till Sunday 2nd of February 17.00

2nd Weekend – Authentic Connection

Friday 27th March 19.30 till Sunday 29th March 17.00

3rd Weekend – Celebration of the Feminine

Saturday 20th June 10.00 till Sunday 21st June 17.00

All weekends take place at De Dieken. A beautiful secluded space in nature where we will be surrounded by woods and moor.

Location: De Dieken. Helhuizerweg 1, 7451 KE Holten

Shared accommodation and (vegetarian) meals are included. Please let us know if you have any food allergies or preferences.

Energiek in het leven staan


In spring time we will do a sweat lodge. The sweat lodge is the ancient ritual of the indians to release our pain en fears through sweat and ceremony in the safe surroundings of a sweatlogde. Basically the sweat lodge is a natural sauna where lava stones are heated up in a grand fire before they are taken into the sweat lodge one by one. The heat and humidity in the lodge rises and gives way to release of pain, emotions as well as detox our bodies. As we reemerge from the lodge at the end of the ritual, we will be reborn again into this world, ready for the celebration of summer.


After this journey you will have every tool in hand to continue to heal and create your life the way you want to. You will have done the ground work upon which you can build the foundation of the life you desire. You will be empowered to deal with your life in a healthy sustainable way. You will attract abundance and peace in to your life. You will be more resourceful than you could ever imagine in solving your problems and manifesting your dreams.


This inner leadership program wil make you a healthier, more sustainable and productive employee. Use your personal budget from your employer to pay for (part) of this program.
Fund this program through your business and deduct the VAT. This Inner leadership program is of value to your business because as you grow, your business will too.
This Program is deductible from your tax report (in the Netherlands) as it is an investment in personal health.